Understanding the Writing Process

Utilizing the writing process is a very basic skill that can help stop that dreaded writer’s block.  This process helps the writer deliver something clearly and well organized. The writing process is a not a concrete tutorial to deliver a message through writing, but a guide to point a writer through his or her own thought process.

The writing process is divided into five steps. Use these steps to guide you through your writing to help effectively deliver your message. Now let’s dig into those five crucial steps.

Let’s get Started:


What’s inspiring your writing? Prewriting is the time when the author simply collects ideas, key points, and discussion topics. This is the brainstorming stage. After you collect these ideas it’s a good time to strategically select your best ones that you will use in your writing, throw away those that are redundant or don’t add to the writing.


        At this point in the writing process you will take your brainstormed ideas and bring them to life. This will be considered your “rough draft”. This can be very loosely written and you should focus expanding on your main ideas and maybe even drifting off of a certain topic to support another idea.


        This is the big stage of the writing process in which you do many things.

Add: Write in additional details to improve your writing.

Rearrange: Update the sequence of your writing in order to enhance the flow and delivery of what you’re writing.

Remove: Is your writing dragging on with unnecessary writing? Would removing sentences make the focus flow better?

Replace: Have somebody review your writing, ask them if your messages are clearly written to them. This is your time to get feedback


        Here’s where you focus on grammar and the little things. Look for things like repetition,spelling, and any other grammatical mistakes. Readers won’t remained interested if they’re stumbling over errors.


        The end is near. It’s time to submit, post, or publish your work for all to see. Also maybe to potentially promote and reach many viewers depending on the basis of your writing.



Source: http://www.liferichpublishing.com/AuthorResources/General/5-Step-Writing-Process.aspx


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