Blog’s: Separating the good from the bad.

Social Media with Blogging
Words of Social Media and Blogging on Blackboard

What makes a good blog?


Nobody wants to read something that is hard to follow. Blogs should focus on stating key points and avoid straying off topic. Make your blog post flow to guide the visitors through each reading.


We use blogs to share experiences, learn, and inform. Make sure your readers take something away from everything you post to keep them coming back. Give your blog posts a track record of value.


12 Pt Times New Roman and double spacing is good for your college paper, but not for blogging. Use bold font, italicizing, and bullet points in your own creative style to make things organized and make important words shine. Don’t be afraid to add graphic items to your posts. Give them character and make them visually stimulating.


Nobody likes when people spread rumors. Back up all your information with credible sources. Don’t bend the truth without expecting backlash. One piece of misinformation could destroy the credibility of your blog. Slipped up? Make sure you address the mistake immediately and take responsibility.

  Positive Relations

Your audience is your most valuable asset. Don’t ignore them. It is good to always be open to suggestions or comments and respond to them quickly and professionally. Sometimes it’s better to agree to disagree than argue on opinions. Positive interaction only promotes loyal readers.


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