Critical: Culture & Ethics in Business


     Business practices reach all over the world due to the effects of globalization on today’s world economy. As well as living in such a diverse world we must learn to communicate ethically, and respectfully to all social groups.

Who might you be communicating with?

The people we communicate with could be co workers, customers, shareholders and many other functions of our business’s day to day operations. As the issue of ethics and respect becomes increasingly important in business it has become something that simply may not be overlooked.

Ethics in Business

Ethics in business has long been a long developing aspect of law and expectation. With today’s technology as well as access to information, anything can be fact checked and destroy a company or person’s credibility. Many agencies have also been created to further regulate and punish unethical business practices. We must practice ethics diligently in order to thrive in business.

Unethical practices include:

  1. Plagiarizing
  2. False or misleading statistics
  3. Misquoting
  4. Privacy infringement
  5. Omitting vital information

Culture in Business

In a world of surrounded by differences it is extremely important to tread carefully. In business and life we must be mindful of the fact each individual’s culture and beliefs may be different than our own. Forgetting this aspect of business communication could cost your job, customers, and overall reputation. Understanding that everybody’s culture must be respected regardless of differences could make or break your business success.

Things that set us all apart:

  1. Race
  2. Gender
  3. Religion
  4. Age
  5. Social Customs


Why is this so important?

      Take a look at an article on the findings of the 2011 National Business Ethics Survey published by ERC, a non-profit D.C. based ethical resource center. These shocking statistics gives of a rough idea of the frequency of various unethical practices in business. All of which could have long lasting negative effects on yourself and people you come in contact with during day-to-day business. As well as a secondary article which brings in full view the Securities and Exchange Commission’s dedication to stopping unethical business practices.

Article On 2011 NBES

Article on SEC


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