Final Project: Politics and Firearms

highAs a part of my Business Writing class I have been required to select a topic of my choice to research a segment of business within this topic. As an avid firearms junkie, I have chosen to research political and legal changes and how they influence firearm sales in New York State.  

New York State has some of the strictest gun ownership laws in the nation. With almost 4.5 million gun owners in NYS these changes impact a large number of residents. Have these changes benefited gun businesses in a positive or negative way? That’s what I seek to find out.

Personally, I have been introduced to firearms at the age of 16 through my father and grandfather. At 18 I purchased my first firearm; four years later I have a collection in the double-digits. I have worked as a firearm salesman for almost 3 years as well as being a member of the United States Army for over four years. Throughout this period, I have met many gun owners from first time buyers to competition shooters. I have built a large network of many people in the firearms industry.

I will conduct this research by speaking with business owners in this industry and developing an idea of their personal accounts of firearm sales in the wake of these legal and political changes. I will also be conducting an open survey via social media in order to see how these changes affect a consumer’s likelihood to purchase a firearm during these time periods. The findings in this research will also be support by statistics on the internet by reliable sources such as the FBI’s published statistics on NCIS background checks.

I am very excited to dig into this topic because this is a topic I am very passionate about as well as something I deal with on a day-to-day basis with customers from all walks of life. Through this passion I have met a lot of great people and it is something I could see myself pursuing further in the future.


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